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1 Ali, M.; Shukla, V.D.; Dave, A.R.; Bhatt, N.N.
A clinical study of Nirgundi Ghana Vati and Matra Basti in the management of Gridhrasi with special reference to sciatica
Ayu, 2010, 31(4), 456-460
Ayurveda, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Sciatica, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Non-randomized trial
2 Srivastava, S.; Singh, P.; Jha, K.K.; Mishra, G.; Srivastava, S.; Khosa, R.L.
Evaluation of anti-arthritic potential of the methanolic extract of the aerial parts of Costus speciosus
J Ayurveda Integr Med, 2012, 3(4), 204-208
Arthritis, Ayurveda, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Costus, Costus speciosus, Experiment, Basic Research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Rheumatic diseases, Animal
3 Kessler, C.S.; Ostermann, T.; Meier, L.; Stapelfeldt, E.; Schütte, S.; Duda, J.; Michalsen, A.
Additive complex Ayurvedic treatment in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome compared to conventional standard care alone
A nonrandomized controlled clinical pilot stuy (KAFA trial)
eCAM, 2013, Article ID 751403, (1-7)
Ayurveda, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Fibromyalgia, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Non-randomized trial, Rheumatic diseases