Complementary and alternative medicine: state of clinical research

For over two decades, the databases for experimental and clinical studies in complementary medicine have been a significant operational project of the Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation. After extensive dedication, these databases have not been able to be updated as usual since around 2018. Nevertheless, you can still conduct research in the databases. Please also consider our suggestions for further research tools.

The CAM-QUEST® databases have been designed as search tools for people interested in responsible information on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The aim of the databases is not to rate clinical studies but rather to point out that indeed a huge body of clinical research in the field of CAM does exist.

The CAM-QUEST® Quick Search provides a fast and easy way to get information on most common diseases and their alternative treatment options investigated in clinical research with just a few mouse clicks.

The CAM-QUEST® Expert Search provides a tool for detailed search requests of clinical research in CAM embracing all CAM therapies and diseases.

CAM-QUEST® is a European-wide unique search portal which is regularly updated. It was designed for people interested in looking for scientifically certified treatment options within complementary and alternative medicine. Thereby, CAM-QUEST® (amongst others) provides a solid ground for discussions on CAM in general as well as the integration of CAM in general health systems. In addition, CAM-QUEST® alleviates the preparation of manuscripts related to CAM and may stimulate the initiation or continuation of CAM research projects.

As special feature, the CAM-QUEST® Expert Search enables practitioners of homeopathy and other people searching for homeopathic case reports (casuistics), even if they have only been published in German.