(CAM = Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

Interest in individual solutions for various health problems is increasing worldwide. Many people hope that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) will help with their problems.
The increased reporting by patients of positive results by CAM treatments should prompt health care politics and insurance companies to consider the incorporation of selected CAM therapies into the general health and refunding system. Scientists should increase their clinical research and physicians and other health practitioners should also give considerations to this trend. Responsible news coverage should make its contribution to the education of the interested population.

CAM offers a broad spectrum of therapies and methods. Reliable information about those therapies and methods that have been investigated in clinical trials is mandatory.

The search portal CAM-QUEST® includes such information to support scientists, physicians, pharmacists, journalists, stakeholders, other types of medical practitioners and people employed in the general health sector in order to provide solid ground for decision-making, research literature and discussions about CAM.

In order to pay tribute to this heterogeneous group of portal users, two different types of search modules were incorporated into the database:

  1. The CAM-QUEST® Expert Search provides a detailed, comprehensive search for experts about CAM therapies and the whole range of diseases.
  2. The CAM-QUEST® Quick Search provides a simple and fast pre-set synopsis of clinical studies, reviews and meta-analyses regarding the most common diseases treated with the most common CAM therapies.

One unique feature of the expert search is the possibility to look-through a comprehensive collection of (predominantly German-speaking) homeopathic casuistics (case reports).

The CAM-QUEST® project addresses citizens throughout Europe interested in CAM. Therefore, the website is currently available in English and German.

Questions and suggestions including aspirations to collaborate within the framework of CAM-QUEST® project should be addressed to info@cam-quest.org.