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[related to Homeopathy]

Homotoxicology refers to a modern form of homeopathy. In homotoxicology, diseases are considered to be ultimately caused by toxins: toxic chemicals, bacterial exotoxins, biological endotoxins, post-traumatic cellular debris and byproducts of the body’s metabolic processes. Furthermore, disease symptoms are thought to be the result of the body’s attempt to heal itself and should not be necessarily suppressed. The guiding diagnostics are known as the Six-Phase Table allocating specific symptoms to defined phases of the body’s reaction. In homotoxicology, homeopathically manufactured combination products are designed in combination formulas which contain measurable amounts of homeopathically prepared active ingredients. They can be utilized to treat specific indications. Homotoxicology is a bridge between orthodox medicine which has a focus on tissue integrity and homeopathy which has a focus on the systemic effects of imbalance within a person.