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Laser acupuncture

[Subterm of Acupuncture]

Laser acupuncture refers to a form of acupuncture point stimulation utilizing a laser instead of a needle. The laser has a red or infrared radiation beam. The penetration of the beam depends on the color (wavelength) and the intensity. Other parameters utilized to regulate the effect of the beam are duration and the specific frequency during treatment. The frequency can be varied resulting in effects that are either suppressing (sedation) or stimulating. The therapy was originally developed by Friedrich Plog. He explained that the effect evolves vis-à-vis the electromagnetic field of the body.  He hypothesized that meridians are a virtual line of points with similar frequency. He believed that each organ or tissue system that is associated with acupuncture points would be on the same frequency and that disturbances in the electromagnetic field are the major cause of disease. By using the acupuncture points for laser irradiation, the harmony in the body can be restored.