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1 Sliwinski, J.; Matusiewicz, R.
The effect of acupuncture on the clinical state of patients suffering from chronic spastic bronchitis and undergoing long-term treatment with corticosteroids
Acupunct Electrother Res, 1984, 9(4), 203-215
Acupuncture, Respiratory diseases, Observational trial, Bronchitis, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine
2 Suzuki, M.; Yokoyama, Y.; Yamazaki, H.
Research into acupuncture for respiratory disease in Japan
A systematic review
Acupunct Med, 2009, 27(2), 54-60
Acupuncture, Asthma, Respiratory diseases, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Common cold, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Systematic review, Traditional Chinese medicine
3 Wu, X.-q.; Peng, J.; Li, G.-q.; Su, H.-p.; Liu, G.-x.; Liu, B.-y.
Association between skin reactions and efficacy of summer acupoint application treatment on chronic pulmonary disease
A prospective study
Chin J Integr Med, 2016, 22(4), 284-292
Acupuncture, Applikationsform, Asarum, Asthma, Respiratory diseases, Bronchitis, Corydalis, Emphysema, Clinical research, Kombinationsarzneimittel, Complementary and alternative medicine, Non-randomized trial, Salbe, Sinapis, Sinapis alba, Traditional Chinese medicine