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1 Scheffer, C.; Debus, M.; Heckmann, C.; Cysarz, D.; Girke, M.
Colchicum autumnale in patients with goitre with euthyroidism or mild hyperthyroidism
Indications for a therapeutic regulative effect - results of an observational study
eCAM, 2016, Article ID 2541912, (1-8)
Anthroposophic medicine, Observational trial, Colchicum, Homeopathy, Hyperthyreodism, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Metabolic diseases
2 Heidl, R.
Statistische Auswertung einr Anwendungsbeobachtung mit NIGERSAN D5 Tropfen bei Patienten mit Ovarialzysten, Epididymitis und Hyperthyreose
SANUM-Post, 2005, 2005(71), 26-29
Andrology, Applikationsform, Aspergillus, Aspergillus niger, Observational trial, Epididymitis, Gynaecology, Homeopathy, Hyperthyreodism, Spectrum of indications, Isopathy, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Ovarialzyste, Practice, Sanum, Metabolic diseases, Tinktur, Nigersan