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1 Sampaio-Filho, H.; Bussadori, S.K.; Goncalves, M.L.L.; Silva, D.F.T. da; Borsatto, M.C.; Tortamano, I.P.; Longo, P.L.; Pavani, C.; Fernandes, K.P.S.; Mesquita-Ferrari, R.A.; Horliana, A.C.R.T.
Low-level laser treatment applied at auriculotherapy points to reduce postoperative pain in third molar surgery
A randomized, controlled, single-blinded study
PLoS ONE, 2018, 13(6), e0197989; (1-20)
Acupuncture, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Laserneedle acupuncture, Laser therapy, Ear acupuncture, Physical therapy, Postoperative complaints, Randomized trial, Pain, Traditional Chinese medicine, Tooth extraction, Dental diseases, low-level laser therapy