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1 Simoes-Wüst, A.P.; Wälchli, C.; Krüerke, D.; Hotho, G.; Frank, M.; Falday, A.; Kaufmann, C.; Rist, L.; Bonin, D. von
Effect of theapeutic speech on sleep quality and perceived well-being
Merkurstab, 2012, 65(3), 267-268 (Abstract; Symposiumsbeitrag)
Anxiety, Anthroposophic medicine, Observational trial, High blood pressure, Cardiovascular diseases, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Headache, Nervous system, Mental diseases, Sleep disorders
2 Grebe, J.; Kaifel, S.; Weinert, T.; Naumann, J.; Huber, R.
Wirksamkeit von Überwärmungsbädern bei Depressionen
Merkurstab, 2015, 68(1), 67 (Symposiumsbeitrag; Abstract)
Anthroposophic medicine, Depression, Hydrotherapy, Hyperthermia, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Physical therapy, Mental diseases, Randomized trial, Sleep disorders, Thermotherapy
3 Kröz, M.; Reif, M.; Glinz, A.; Berger, B.; Nikolaou, A.; Zerm, R.; Brinkhaus, B.; Girke, M.; Büssing, A.; Gutenbrunner, C.
Impact of a combined multimodal-aerobic and multimodal intervention compared to standard aerobic treatment in breast cancer survivors with chronic cancer-related fatigue
Results of a three-armed pragmatic trial in a comprehensive cohort design
BMC Cancer, 2017, 17, 166; (1-13)
Mindfulness meditation, Anthroposophic medicine, Exercise therapy, Breast cancer, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Eurythmy, Clinical research, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Complementary and alternative medicine, Cancer, Art therapy, Meditation, Mind-body medicine, Physical therapy, Mental diseases, Psychology/psychotherapy, Randomized trial, Sleep disorders