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1 Mesa-Jiménez, J.A.; Lozano-López, C.; Angulo-Diaz-Parreno, S.; Rodríguez-Fernández, Á.L.; De-la-Hoz-Aizpurua, J.L.; Fernández-de-Las-Penas, C.
Multimodal manual therapy vs. pharmacological care for management of tension type headache
A meta-analysis of randomized trials
Cephalalgia, 2015, 35(14), 1323-1332
Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Headache, Manual therapy, Meta-analysis, Nervous system
2 Seedhayan, S.; Rose, A.; Florschutz, G.
Don't touch me!
Rhythmical massage therapy for pain management in a patient with acquired brain injury: a single case study
Merkurstab, 2016, 69(1), 53 (Abstract; Symposiumsbeitrag)
Anthroposophic medicine, Case report, Brain injury, Complementary and alternative medicine, Manual therapy, Massage, Nervous system, Practice, Rhythmische Massage