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1 Al-Harasi, S.; Ashley, P.F.; Moles, D.R.; Parekh, S.; Walters, V.
Hypnosis for children undergoing dental treatment
Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2010, 8(CD007154), 1-20
Anxiety, Hypnosis, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Mind-body medicine, Pediatrics, Mental diseases, Systematic review, Dental diseases
2 Medlicott, M.S.; Harris, S.R.
A systematic review of the effectiveness of exercise, manual therapy, electrotherapy, relaxation training, and biofeedback in the management of temporomandibular disorder
Phys Ther, 2006, 86(7), 955-973
Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Biofeedback, Electrotherapy, Relaxation, Jawbone, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Tempromandibular joint disorder, Manual therapy, Mind-body medicine, Physical therapy, Systematic review, Dental diseases
3 Wang, L.F.; Long, H.; Deng, M.; Xu, H.; Fang, J.; Fan, Y.; Bai, D.; Han, X.L.
Biofeedback treatment for sleep bruxism
A systematic review
Sleep Breath, 2014, 18(2), 235-242
Biofeedback, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Mind-body medicine, Systematic review, Teeth grinding, Dental diseases
4 Burghardt, S.; Koranyi, S.; Magnucki, G.; Strauss, B.; Rosendahl, J.
Non-pharmacological interventions for reducing mental distress in patients undergoing dental procedures
Systematic review and meta-analysis
J Dent, 2018, 69, 22-31
Anxiety, Relaxation, Hypnosis, Clinical research, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Complementary and alternative medicine, Meta-analysis, Mind-body medicine, Music therapy, Mental diseases, Psychology/psychotherapy, Stress, Systematic review, Dental diseases