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1 Tausk, F.; Whitmore, S.E.
A pilot study of hypnosis in the treatment of patients with psoriasis
Psychother Psychosom, 1999, 68, 221-225
Skin diseases, Hypnosis, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Mind-body medicine, Randomized trial, Psoriasis vulgaris
2 Piaserico, S.; Marinello, E.; Dessi, A.; Linder, M.D.; Coccarielli, D.; Peserico, A.
Efficacy of biofeedback and cognitive-behavioural therapy in psoriatic patients
A single-blinded, randomized and controlled study with added narrow-band ultraviolet B therapy
Acta Derm Venereol, 2016, Suppl. 2017, 91-95
Biofeedback, Skin diseases, Clinical research, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Complementary and alternative medicine, Light therapy, Mind-body medicine, Physical therapy, Psychology/psychotherapy, Randomized trial, Psoriasis vulgaris