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1 Galeone, C.; Tavani, A.; Pelucchi, C.; Turati, F.; Winn, D.M.; Levi, F.; Yu, G.-P.; Morgenstern, H.; Kelsey, K.; Dal Maso, L.; Purdue, M.P.; McClean, M.; Talamini, R.; Hayes, R.B.; Franceschi, S.; Schantz, S.; Zhang, Z.-F.; Ferro, G.; Chuang, S.-C.; Boffetta, P.; La Vecchia, C.; Hashibe, M.
Coffee and tea intake and risk of head and neck cancer
Pooled analysis in the international head and neck cancer epidemiology consortium
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 2010, 19(7), 1723-1736
Observational trial, Camellia, Camellia sinensis, Coffea, Nutrition/diet, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Head and neck cancer, Cancer
2 Steffen, A.; Bergamann, M.; Sanchez, M.-J.; Chirlaque, M.-D.; Jakszyn, P.; Amiano, P.; Garcia, J.R.Q.; Gurrea, A.B.; Ferrari, P.; Romieu, I.; Fedirko, V.; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.B.; Siersema, P.D.; Peeters, P.H.; Khaw, K.-T.; Wareham, N.; Allen, N.E.; Crowe, F.L.; Skeie, G.; Hallmanns, G.; Johansson, I.; Borgquist, S.; Ericson, U.C.; Egeberg, R.; Tjonneland, A.; Overvad, K.; Grote, V.A.; Li, K.; Trichopoulou, A.; Oikonomidou, D.; Pantzalis, M.; Tumino, R.; Panico, S.; Palli, D.; Krogh, V.; Naccarati, A.; Mouw, T.; Vergnaud, A.-C.; Norat, T.; Boeing, H.
Meat and heme iron intake and risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the upper aero-digestive tract in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 2012, 21(12), 2138-2148
Observational trial, Nutrition/diet, Ferrum, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Head and neck cancer, Cancer, Esophageal cancer, Prevention