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1 Powers, S.W.; Stark, L.J.; Chamberlin, L.A.; Filigno, S.S.; Sullivan, S.M.; Lemanek, K.L.; Butcher, J.L.; Driscoll, K.A.; Daines, C.L.; Brody, A.S.; Schindler, T.; Konstan, M.W.; McCoy, K.S.; Nasr, S.Z.; Castile, R.G.; Acton, J.D.; Wooldridge, J.L.; Ksenich, R.A.; Szczesniak, R.D.; Rausch, J.R.; Stallings, V.A.; Zemel, B.S.; Calancy, J.P.
Behavioral and nutritional treatment for preschool-aged children with cystic fibrosis
A randomized clinical trial
JAMA Pediatr, 2015, 169(5), e150636; (1-9)
Nutrition/diet, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Pediatrics, Psychology/psychotherapy, Randomized trial, Metabolic diseases, Behavioural therapy, Mucoviscidosis