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1 Meyer, U.
Anwendungsbeobachtung WALA Aconit Schmerzöl
Merkurstab, 2003, 56(3), 136-138
Aconit Schmerzöl (WALA), Anthroposophic medicine, Observational trial, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Inflammation, Skin diseases, Herpes zoster, Homeopathy, Clinical research, Kombinationsarzneimittel, Complementary and alternative medicine, Nervous system, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Rheumatic diseases, Pain
2 Sales, C.K.O.; Obniski, M.E.C.; Luca, M.F.M.; Ferreira, A.C.; Menuzzi, M.; Quadros, A.; Oliveira, A.S.B.; Ghelman, R.
Chirophonetics in the relief of pain on a patient with post-poliomyelitis syndrome
Case report
Merkurstab, 2016, 69(1), 57-58 (Abstract; Symposiumsbeitrag)
Anthroposophic medicine, Observational trial, Infections, Poliomyelitis, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Pain, Chirophonetik
3 Ghelman, R.; Sabino, I.; Tiveron Souza, V.; Cantoni, C.J.; Melo, M.M.; Pugliesi, V.; Kessin, C.; Ruocco, H.H.; Aldred, A.; Leme, R.; Akyiama, I.Y.; Basso, A.; Pedra, M.; Orgolini, V.; Ferro, C.; Figueiredo, A.B.; Almeida, J.F. de; Nigro, A.T.; Santos, C.P.; Perlatto, R.; Puccetti, C.; Praça, E.; Lucena, M.; Fuks, S.; Antonioli, L.; Steinhauser, L.; Obniski, M.E.C.; Motta, M.; Ferreira, A.C.; Menuzzi, M.; Quadros, A.; Hosomi, J.; Nakamura, U.M.; Oliveira, A.S.B:
Threefoldness External Therapy (TET) to chronic pain
Ambulatory of Anthroposophy and Health, São Paulo Federal University
Merkurstab, 2016, 69(2), 148
Anthroposophic medicine, Balneology, Observational trial, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Manual therapy, Massage, Physical therapy, Pain, Chronic pain, Heilbad