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1 Sinsen, J.
Role of homeopathy in managing male and female interfility
Eur J Integr Med, 2010, 2(4), 259 (Abstract; Symposiumsbeitrag)
Andrology, Gynaecology, Homeopathy, Impotence, Infertility, Clinical research, Complementary and alternative medicine, Review (CR)
2 Radhakrishnan, M.
Visiting a suburban/rural homeopathy clinical in South India
Portraits of patients
Hom Links, 2016, 29(1), 55-59
Acidum, Acidum nitricum, Andrology, Respiratory diseases, Blood/Lymphatic system, Breast cancer, China, Case report, Homeopathy, Cough, Complementary and alternative medicine, Hospital, Cancer, Lachesis, Gastrointestinal tract, Meteorism, Practice, Thyroid cancer, Sepia, Staphisagria, Tuberculinum, Tuberculinum bovinum