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1 Attomyr, -
Zwei authentische Documente
die Marenzellerischen homöopathischen Versuche in Wien A. 1828 betreffend
Arch Hom Heilkunst, 1840, 18(2), 172-204
Arsenicum, Respiratory diseases, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Bronchitis, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Cina, Cocculus, Conium, Diarrhoeal disorder, Case report, Ear-nose-throat disorders, Urinary tract, Hepatitis, Cardiovascular diseases, Homeopathy, Infections, Complementary and alternative medicine, Lung inflammation, Gastrointestinal tract, Malaria, Quinsy, Mercurius, Mercurius nitricus oxydatus, Kidney, Pleurisy, Practice, Pulsatilla, Rheumatic diseases, Syphilis, Thrombosis
2 Rajkrishna,-.
A case study of rheumatid arthritis
o.S. (Dissertation)
Arthritis, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Case report, Homeopathy, Complementary and alternative medicine, Practice
3 Vanden Bossche, L.; Vanderstraeten, G.
A multi-center, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial protocol to assess Traumeel injection vs dexamethasone injection in rotator cuff syndrome
The TRAumeel in ROtator cuff syndrome (TRARO) study protocol
BMC Musculoskel Disord, 2015, 16, 8; (1-9) (Studienprotokoll)
Applikationsform, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Homeopathy, Injektion, Clinical research, Kombinationsarzneimittel, Complementary and alternative medicine, Traumeel, Impingement-Syndrom
4 Dahl, H.
Tics, Ängste, ADHS
Hom Viva, 2014, 2014(2), 20-24
Anxiety, Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, bed bug, Case report, Case analysis, High potencies, Homeopathy, ADHD, Complementary and alternative medicine, Pediatrics, Potentization, Practice, Mental diseases, Tic
5 Shukla, C.
If you help me god will help you
A case of Ficus religiosa
Hom Links, 2005, 18(3), 139-142
Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Case report, Ficus, Ficus religiosa, Homeopathy, Complementary and alternative medicine, Practice, Muscular Spasm
6 Ritzer, F.
A proving and a case of Veitchia merrillii (christmas palm)
Hom Links, 2017, 30(2), 109-111
Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Case analysis, Drug proving, Homeopathy, Christmas palm
7 Potgieter Steiner, M.
Unbelievable but true - a case of osteomyelitis healed by ledum
Unglaublich aber wahr - ein Fall von Osteomyelitis geheilt mit Ledum
AHZ, 2017, 262(2), 46 (Abstract, Symposiumsbeitrag)
Muscoskeletal -/Connective tissue system, Homeopathy, Clinical research, Osteomyelitis, Complementary and alternative medicine, Ledum, Pediatrics, n-of-1 trial